Why Online Training and What if I have an Injury?

With the so many technological resources and the power of the internet these days, you have the ability for get all the knowledge, motivational benefits, and guidance of a professional personal trainer for a fraction of the cost of one on one in-person sessions!  Anyone can benefit from having someone to hold them accountable for their workouts and eating clean in order to help them reach their fitness/health goals. 

After signing up you will be sent an online questionnaire link where you will be asked about any, injuries, or conditions that could alter your ability to perform certain exercises.  Depending on the situation you will have a program designed around your individual ability and (depending on the level of the package you purchase) I will take you through some specific assessments and movements to get a better idea of range of motion restrictions and muscular imbalances.

Will Online Training Work For Me?

YOU BET!!! I have had the pleasure of helping many people worldwide to transform their bodies and their lives as a Personal Trainer!  I believe in educating my clients how to workout and eat for their individual fitness goals.  Whether you are looking for fat loss, muscle gain, or training for a specific race/event, I will help you each step of the way!

How Does Online Training Work?

I am here to answer any questions for you and provide motivation throughout your transformation.  Depending on the package level you purchase (see options to the left) will determine the degree of involvement I will have in helping you reach your fitness goals.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

After signing up you will be sent a list of questions within the same day to fill out for me and also some instructions on how to take your “before” pictures.  Depending on the package level you purchase (see options to the left) there will be more information sent to you regarding how we will schedule your initial assessment (via phone or Skype) and what you will need to do to prepare for that.  You could be started on your journey to a new you within 1 to 3 business days after signing up! 

If I am Local Can I Come in for a Consult?

If you are looking for one on one training then yes and are in the El Paso, TX. area you can set up a consultation with me. Please schedule a no cost Fitness Assessment at www.kinetix-pts.com

Will I Be Provided with a Nutrition Plan?

Meal Plans can be acquired for a low cost at www.kinetix-pts.com/mealplanning. I will prepare a customized nutritional meal plan based in order to get you to your fitness goal.

What if I Don't Think My Form for a Certain Exercise is Correct?

I feel form is VERY important in getting the most out of every exercise and preventing injury, so I would have no problem taking a look at a picture or video of you performing any of your exercises in order to ensure you are performig each exercise optimally.

Are Refunds an Option?

There is a no refund policy. I truly am commited to your personal body transformation just as if I were there with you.  I feel that if there is a refund available it is to easy to quit. My programs are very effective, but they take some time, hard work, and dedication to reap the full benefits. While on a pre-paid monthly program, at the time of cancellation you will be charged for that current month only and recurring payments will be stopped immediately for the following month.